TV STUFF: Smells Like Teen Spirit

And who says television doesn’t teach kids anything good? UPN’s “Moesha” and “Teen Files,” the WB’s “Popular” and Fox’s “That 70’s Show” were among the teen shows praised for promoting candid discussions about sex at the 2000 SHINE (Sexual Health in Entertainment) Awards on Wednesday, USA Today reports.

Awards were also given to MTV’s “True Life” and “Loveline,” and Lifetime’s “Any Day Now.” The WB’s “Dawson’s Creek” received a special writers award.

“FRASIER” RULES: Hey, the funny shrink is still funny. According to the Nielsen ratings, NBC’s hit comedy “Frasier” was the highest-rated show in its timeslot when it had its season premiere Tuesday night. What’s more, the show gave the Peacock Network its largest audience since an episode of “Matlock” in September 1989.

A REFORMED CHANDLER: So what’s the secret to a reformed Matthew Perry? The “Friends” star told US Weekly that his May hospitalization had nothing whatsoever to do with drugs, as the tabloids have been reporting. Rather, Perry attributed it to pancreatitis, a rare inflammation that is caused partly by alcohol abuse and prescription drugs. That said, Perry went on to vow that he will live a cleaner and healthier life.

GORE MEETS THE QUEEN: Vice President Al Gore walked on “the wild side” with talk show host Queen Latifah today, telling stories of his motorcycle days and revealing a preference for lace vs. leather. “On a woman, leather or lace?” Latifah asked Gore, also giving him a pop culture quiz during a taping of her show. “Lace,” Gore answered, after a brief pause. The taping, for a Nov. 1 broadcast, took place at Scott Community College in Iowa.

BRAVO FOR BRAVO: And a bravo for Garry Shandling. Reruns of the funnyman’s HBO series “The Larry Sanders Show” will start airing on the cable network Bravo beginning in fall 2002. The hit cable show ended its run in 1998.