TV STUFF: ‘Springer’ Murder Suspects Caught

Too bad the TV cameras can’t be there, but “The Jerry Springer Show” murder has been solved! Police said today that Ralf and Eleanor Panitz, who were wanted for questioning for the death of Nancy Campbell Panitz on Wednesday and were wanted for first-degree murder Thursday, have been caught.

The couple had been on the lam since the 52-year-old Campbell was found beaten to death in her Florida home Monday.

Ralf, 40, is being held without bail and is expected to face first-degree charges. Eleanor, 35, is in custody as a material witness.

OPRAH’S PEROGATIVE: Reuters reports that talk show queen Oprah Winfrey has lost a lawsuit filed against her by two freelance photographers. A court ruled Tuesday that Oprah had used 11 pictures in her 1996 book “Make the Connection” without the permission of the said photo shooters. A jury trial date Aug. 14 will determine whether they are owed any money.