TV STUFF: ‘View’ Gabber to Chat Up Oscars

“The View” gabber Meredith Vieira is soon going to have something new to gab about — a view of the Oscar red carpet.

The newswoman turned morning TV chatty Cathy has been tapped to help anchor ABC’s pre-show arrival coverage at the 72nd Annual Academy Awards on March 26 at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.

Today’s announcement from the Academy noted that Vieira will be “one of the arrivals show hosts,” indicating she won’t fly solo like Geena Davis did at last year’s inaugural red-carpet watch. No word yet on who’ll serve as Vieira’s partner, although we’re not putting our money on Joan Rivers.

The plan is for Vieira and company to pounce on A-listers and nominees as they do the celeb walk from the limo to the Shrine. On account of ABC’s got an in with the Academy, the network’s crew also will be allowed to roam the auditorium’s lobby.

With arrivals coverage becoming as big a deal (if not bigger) than award shows themselves, the networks buying the rights to said award shows are becoming more possessive of the red carpet. As was the way last year, when ABC’s cameras go on at 5 p.m. PST on the 26th, everybody else’s will go off.

Lesson learned: No one shares Tom Cruise.

THOU SHALT NOT AIR IN IDAHO: NBC’s “God, the Devil and Bob” has been struck down and cast asunder by a second affiliate. The Peacock’s Pocatello, Idaho, station has told NBC it won’t broadcast the new animated series, set to debut Thursday. NBC’s Salt Lake City outlet previously nixed the series.

“God, the Devil and Bob” is a comedy about an auto assembly line worker, name of Bob, who becomes a pawn in a bet hatched by God and the devil. According to NBC, the series is in keeping with “the long tradition of entertainment vehicles that comedically depict this universal [good vs. evil] struggle.”

Whatever. Pocatello’s not buying it. Come Thursday night, KPVI will be airing “Wheel of Fortune” instead of “Bob,” so its viewers can covet thy neighbor’s possessions in the privacy of their own living rooms.

‘SAFE’ BET: If this acting thing doesn’t work out for George Clooney, the guy might want to try casting. The ex-“ER” doc has added a batch of new (big) names to his upcoming live TV event “Fail Safe,” a redo of the 1964 movie. According to reports today, Harvey Keitel, Richard Dreyfuss, Don Cheadle and Hank Azaria are among the movie types to join the already announced Noah Wyle and Clooney. The big show is set to air April 9 on CBS.