TV STUFF: ‘Weber Show’ Retains Curse

Ever heard of the sitcom “The Weber Show?” No?

Maybe you know it by its previous title, “Cursed.” Ring a bell?

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. The Steven Weber (“Wings”) sitcom has been yanked from the schedule during February sweeps by NBC. It’s hardly a surprise for the show, which has failed to retain most of the audience from its Must-See lead-in, “Friends.” But the show isn’t dead — yet. NBC did order a full season, so maybe there’s a chance. (Insert pun here.)

SUBURBAN RENEWAL: In happier news, the animated sitcom “King of the Hill” has been given the nod for another season, along with “Futurama.”

“King of the Hill” was blessed with a 22-episode order for its sixth season. The series has enjoyed a solid Sunday night success as the lead-in for the “Simpsons,” which is also in talks for another year.

The animated “Futurama” will head into its fourth season with 18 new episodes.

‘PJS’ FIGHTS BACK: Another cartoon, however, is struggling to stay alive.

The Eddie Murphy-voiced “The PJs,” which has switched networks, studios and numerous time slots, has 13 episodes on its plate for next season from Imagine Television. However, Imagine’s producing partner, Warner Bros., says it doesn’t make economic sense to continue the series.

So Imagine is looking for a new deal with Paramount, which has expressed tentative interest depending on negotiations for rerun rights (likely to be housed on BET, which will soon be part of Paramount’s Viacom family). However, Imagine will have to convince Warner Bros. and Touchstone Television, which originally produced the series, to share its backend profits with Paramount.

“The PJs,” which has received much critical support, is the only primetime network ‘toon to feature a mostly minority cast. It was nearly canceled by Fox after its ratings began to slide, but the WB picked up the series; new episodes are set to air next month.