TV STUFF: ‘Witch’ Way for ‘Sabrina’?

And for her next trick, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” will move to … the WB? Melissa Joan Hart Today’s Daily Variety says ABC’s hit comedy, starring Melissa Joan Hart as the title spell-caster, could be headed to the rival network next season.

The report says the show’s makers rejected ABC’s initial overtures to renew the series, balking at the offered money (a mere $1.3 million to $1.5 million per episode). The offer that’s reputedly got their attention is one from the WB that would net them just $675,000 for each show but lock them into the schedule for two years.

“Sabrina” debuted on ABC in 1996. It’s headed into its fifth season.

ABC wouldn’t comment on the Variety report, saying only of “Sabrina”: “It’s still part of ABC’s schedule.”

Yeah, well, that much we had figured out.

CAN THE BABY STORYLINE BE FAR BEHIND? Struggling “Felicity” will go the way of struggling series in its May season finale — offering viewers a surprise wedding. Executive producer J.J. Abrams tells TV Guide that the nuptials might (or might not) involve the WB heroine herself.

YEAH, BUT HE STARRED IN “TITANIC”! The head of ABC News is in damage control mode after staffers became disgruntled over the Leonardo DiCaprio-interviews President Clinton story. (The chat, taped Friday, was to be part of an ABC “Earth Day” special.) Anyway, it seems the reporters think that interviewing the leader of the free world is supposed to be their job. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Westin told his crew that (a) he wasn’t aware of the DiCaprio gig; (b) ABC News didn’t give him the assignment; and (c) the thing might never make it to air anyway. Additionally, an ABC News rep told the paper: “The role of interviewing the president on any subject belongs to a journalist. Leo is not a journalist.”

NOW YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO WATCH A SHOW YOU NEVER WATCHED: UPN is shelving the Barry Sonnenfeld-produced “Secret Agent Man” after tonight’s episode. The show debuted last month to really bad ratings. In lieu of garnering further really bad ratings, UPN will fill the show’s 8-9 p.m. Tuesday slot with reruns of “The Parkers” and “Moesha.”

TEENAGE MUTANT MUTANTS: Look for the WB to add an all-new “X-Men” toon to its Saturday morning lineup this fall. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will have a teen slant. There is absolutely no coincidence that it will follow the big-screen “X-Men” flick, set to open in theaters July 14.