TV Tidbits: Anthony Bourdain is Mad at Travel, Matthew Lillard Jumps on ‘The Bridge’

ALTHappy Veteran’s Day! Do you know how 100% of all Veterans like to spend their evening? Reading television tidbits, of course! (That may or may not be a lie, actually. We haven’t asked any veterans yet.) And so we bring you the biggest and best news from around the small screen and package them in one, easy-to-digest post here, for you. Because we care. Now dig in!

Anthony Bourdain is ‘Fighting Mad’ at Travel Channel: With the final episode of his eight-season show No Reservations in the can, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is pretty ticked off at the advertising executives at his old network. In a post on his personal Tumblr account, Bourdain lambasted the network for using his image without his consent to sell Cadillacs in what is likely an integrated marketing effort drummed up to capitalize on the network’s tent pole series’ final installment. Says Bourdain about the issue: “The network made a commercial, with me endorsing a product, and hadn’t even bothered to ask me.” Uh-oh, I smell a lawsuit! [Anthony Bourdain]

Matthew Lillard is Reporting for Duty: Well here’s a sentence you don’t see every day: Career resurgence enthusiast Matthew Lillard has joined a drama pilot from Homeland executive producer Meredith Stiehm, called The Bridge. Adapted from the Scandinavian series I Bron, FX’s The Bridge will revolve around a detective duo from the United States and Mexico, tracking down a serial killer operating on both sides of the border. Annabeth Gish and Ted Levine also star. Creepy! [THR]

90210 Scores NFL’s Terrell Owens: Man, Beverly Hills is the place to be to get guest stars, huh? After an already-impressively-packed season of the CW reboot that’s featured Grant Gustin, Tegan and Sara and Taio Cruz this season alone, former footballer Terrell Owens is joining the cast for a one-episode cameo. He will be a guest at a celebrity-filled auction in the famous zip code. Sounds swanky! [TVLine]

CW Gets a Vanishing Act: The folks over at The CW has signed on to develop a series titled Jane Whitefield, based on the main character in the book series Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry. Written by Natalie Chaidez, the series will focus on the center heroine from the stories (yes, her name is Jane Whitefield), who searches for the true identity of her biological parents while also running a private investigation/”eraser” company (because of course—the two fit together so naturally). [Deadline]

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