TV Tidbits: ‘Fargo’ Series Heads to FX, Mandy Moore, Baz Luhrmann and More


ALTIt was a banner day for television production–perhaps the jolt of energy from all those Emmy wins and losses really threw Hollywood into gear. Here’s all the news you might’ve missed while hungover from all that sparkling apple juice you drank last night on the party circuit. Onward!

The Coen Brothers Think Small [Screen] for Fargo: In “holy s**t this sounds AMAZING” news, Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan have inked a deal with FX to bring an hourlong series to television loosely based on their iconic film Fargo. Honestly, I am one to balk frequently about the lack of original ideas in Hollywood, but this is just really, really awesome. For those who may have forgotten, Fargo the movie was a dark comedic drama about a pregnant North Dakota police chief who hunts two buffoon-esque criminals hired by a car salesman to kidnap his wife. It won two Oscars! [Deadline]

Mandy Moore Pilots a…Pilot: Singer/actress/candy enthusiast/Ryan Adams wife, Mandy Moore has nabbed herself a pilot deal at ABC with writer Rich Appel. Moore will play a plucky young 28 year old who runs away from home (no need to go back and double check, I did indeed write 28, not 8. Plus Moore playing an 8 year old would be…well, just really strange) in order to do that whole live-the-life-you’ve-always-wanted thing. It sounds like one of those quarter-life-crisis moments I heard John Mayer sing about back in the day. But–TWIST!–her family decides to run away with her. I don’t know why her family’s worried enough about losing her to follow suit, since, you know she’ll be forever yours (love always, Mandy). [Variety]

Baz Luhrmann Signs Overall Deal with Sony Pictures TV: Really gave that one away in the lede there, huh? Well, it’s true! Mr. Moulin Rouge himself is going to have a go at the small screen. So spoketh the Luhrmann: “Television at the moment has such great freedom, giving writers the ability to explore any idea and to have maximum amount of freedom to do that.” Hear hear! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Is This Fifty Shades for the TV/Fashion Set?: Someone was going to make the comparison so might as well do it now. American Horror Story producer Jessica Sharzer has gotten herself a put pilot commitment from ABC for Dress To Kill. The show is being touted as an “erotic thriller” about the fashion world. She will be executive producing with Brian Grazer, who is certainly no slouch. The show will be set in New York (natch) and has a murder mystery at the core of its story line. Intrigue! Sounds positively seamy (I’ll be here all night, folks!) [Deadline]

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