TV Tidbits: Miley Cyrus Gets Half A Man, Abby Elliott is Crazy on HIMYM


Miley Cyrus Abby ElliottJust as the kiddies are getting ready to go back to school, so are the actors to their fancy television show sets. Since standing outside the Sony lot all day trying to figure out who is going where and why would look come across as creepy, we figured out that a better way to compile the best bits from the casting world would be simply to round it all up for you. So here are some TV Tidbits! Easy on the digestive system and everything.

Abby Elliott Gets Sitcom-y: The SNL alum didn’t wait long to nab her first gig after leaving the longstanding sketch show. Elliott will reportedly play a kooky character named Janeane on a multi-episode arc of How I Met Your Mother. “We’re thrilled to have the hilarious Abby Elliott joining us in an arc as Janeane, the craziest girl the HIMYM gang has ever encountered. And the strange, inexplicable phenomenon is: the crazier Janeane gets, the more attractive one of the gang finds her,” executive producer Craig Thomas explained to EW. “It doesn’t end well.” Uh-oh! Guess we can count her out of the Mother race then, huh? Seems like the gang at HIMYM likes to keep it all in the family, too, as Elliott’s father (Chris Elliott) also has a recurring role on the series (as Alyson Hannigan‘s dad). [EW]

Franka Potente is an American Horror: Ryan Murphy and his shows are all the buzz these days: from Glee to The New Normal and American Horror Story. The latter has a new casting addition, with former Bourne actress Franka Potente joining the show as a “mysterious patient” in the asylum de Murph for two whole episodes. Sounds, well, par for the course with that one, really. [TVLine]

Two and a Half…Inches of Miley’s Hair: Ha ha ha, hair jokes! Get it? Because Miley Cyrus just cut her hair AND she’s joining the cast of CBS’ Two and a Half Men for a two-episode long potential love affair for Angus T. Jones‘ character while he’s on break from the army. Could the haircut be one of those weird, method acting choices? Buzz cuts! They’re totally matchers! I think the bigger question here is whether or not Miley Cyrus has anything in common with Daniel Day Lewis (oh those kooky method actors) because wouldn’t it just be amazing if they did? They could talk about method acting together while being totally method and can I squeeze the word method into this blurb on more time? Yes! Success is mine. I have a method for it. [TVLine]

ABC Family Gets Lost: Lost alum Tania Raymonde (aka Alex Rosseau to all you Losties) has joined the ABC Family gang to be the wrong-side-of-the-tracks, so-cool-so-edgy-so-topical street artist friend of character Bay on Switched at Birth. Street artist! Is she going to be like Banksy? Or Space Invader? Or perhaps she’s more old-school (they could squeeze in a great PSA storyline about huffing this way) and do straight-up graffiti? Who knows, but apparently her character is going to ruffle some feathers. Ruffle away, Raymonde; ABC Family loves to ruffle. [TVGuide]

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