TV Tidbits: Olivia Munn Heads to ‘New Girl,’ Zac Efron Hangs with Elmo


Zac Efron ElmoJust because some of your favorite shows are already underway, doesn’t mean things aren’t changing all the time! With that in mind, we’ve got another day’s worth of tasty television tidbits to whet your appetite for all-things-small-screen. Check out the fun facts below!

Who’s That Girl? It’s Munn!: Olivia Munn is making her way to that big, unattainable Los Angeles loft in the sky that houses three ZANY guys and that not-so-New Girl named Jess! And, she’s going to play a love interest for Nick (cue everyone bugging out over the fact that Jess and Nick are still not getting together anytime soon) named Angie. Apparently she is totally sexy, charming and “earthy” which just leads me to believe she has a distinct bodily musk. Also she’s totally charming and is able to hang with the crew. Sounds like fun! I’m sure someone, somewhere, is upset. Television! [Deadline]

Zac Efron Subletting on Sesame Street: perpetual high schooler Zac Efron is having a go on Sesame Street, the iconic children’s program that taught you how to read, count, and ruined your life when you realized Snuffy was Big Bird’s imaginary friend. Anyway, Efron has his magical twinkle-smile are going to hang out with Elmo to discuss the “Word of the Day”, which will be ‘patience.’ Something kids need more of, amirite, parents?! Oh man, always so needy, those small ones. Anyway, the segment airs on Friday, September 28th.

John Larroquette is Infamous: Famous funny-when-angry actor person John Larroquette is becoming a serious part of the NBC midseason drama Infamous. The actor will play the very-much-a-made-up-TV-name Senator Dwight Haverstock; a powerful politician who has a dark history with the family around which the soap opera takes place. The Broadway man’s character is the estranged best friend of Robert Bowers (Victor Garber‘s character), and is seen as unpredictable with a lot of sssssssecretssssss. Also apparently he has a big appetite but I don’t know if that means for cheeseburgers or like, women, or something gross like that. We’ll have to wait and see! Infamous is about a lady detective who goes undercover with wealthy Bowers family that she grew up in (that must be a good costume then!) as the maid’s daughter (they’ll never expect the help! Dirty plebeians they are.) to solve the murder of an apparently-notorious heiress Vivian, who was once best friend 4-eva. Scandalous! [Deadline]

Major Crimes Gets Majorly…Renewed!: TNT’s spinoff of their other show The Closer has been renewed for a second season. Major Crimes has been a huge hit for the network, debuting to 7.2 million viewers in August, and continued to be one of cable’s top three new dramas in some pretty coveted demographic positions. So congratulations, Major Crimes…we can see why the major ones are probably better for TV than the minor ones. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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