TV Tidbits: Olivia Munn’s Stripper Fight, Bradley Whitford Marries a ‘Trophy Wife’


New Girl, Zooey DeschanelHurricane? What hurricane? The windy, worrisome ways don’t deter Hollywood from making moves and news. So why not use this last bit of power on your laptop and check out everything you missed while you were searching high and low for the last loaf of Wonderbread, shall we? Priorities, you are in-check!

It’s A Guest-Star Parade on New Girl!: What happens when Olivia Munn, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Rob Reiner get guest-star arcs on a TV show? Well, for New Girl fans, it’s just one piece of an already packed second season of the FOX comedy darling. According to showrunner Liz Meriwether, this new batch of guest stars made quite a mark. Having Reiner on set for the week was a challenge: “I was trying to play it cool, but every time I was around him, I was shaking a little bit! The things that he’s done are so unbelievable,” said Meriwether. “I got to yell at Jamie Lee Curtis,” explained actress Hannah Simone. And Munn? Well she got hit in the face during a stripper fight. Natch. “We actually just shot this huge stripper fight last night and she got hit in the face!” quipped Meriwether. Just another day with…who’s that girl? Oh right, it’s Jess. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Voice Changes the Rules: The folks at The Voice are switching things up for Season 3! Much like on their rival X Factor, this season, not every judge needs to have a contestant in the Final Four. Beginning on Nov. 13, the bottom two will be sent home regardless of what team they’re on: which is great for viewers and teams with more than one powerhouse, but bad for coaches with subpar contestants, and those hangers-on who just want one more week. [TVLine]

Rebecca Romijn Pilots at TNT: Rebecca Romjin is set to play Michelle Maxwell, one-half of the titled team, King and Maxwell at TNT. Her character is reportedly a former secret services agent charged with investigating politically sensitive cases. Her partner, Sean King, will also apparently provide some sort of romantic element to the relationship. Ooh! Saucy! And, it seems there’s a bit of a Homeland element to the whole thing, as Maxwell is seen as a very accomplished investigator that was forced out of the Secret Service and is determined to redeem herself. Paging Carrie Matheson! [EW]

Ethan Embry Enchanted by Once Upon: Another day, another guest star for Once Upon a Time. This time, it’s Ethan Embry who has snagged a recurring role, as an out-of-town visitor to Storybrooke. Little else is known about his role, but we’re sure it will be simply magical. [TVLine]

Dan Harmon Goes Adult Swimming: Looks like the Community creator will be without a show no longer! Adult Swim confirmed its picked up Rick & Morty, a new animated series slated for release in early 2014. Hopefully there’s only one timeline for this show. [Dave Itzkoff]

Josh Lyman Bradley Whitford Marries a Trophy Wife: Excitement abounds for The West Wing fans, as one its most-beloved stars, Bradley Whitford has continued a bit of a career resurgence. The Emmy-winning actor has signed on to star opposite Malin Akerman in Trophy Wife, a single-camera comedy project about a former party girl (Akerman) who falls in love with a man (Whitford) with three manipulative kids and two judgmental ex-wives. [TVLine]

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