TV Tidbits: ‘South Park’ Mocks Honey Boo Boo While ‘Lost’ Vet Goes Psycho



Today was a big day for fall TV, as NBC picked up Revolution, Go On (or, as Ryan Lochte would say, Goon), and The New Normal for the back nine, and Boardwalk Empire was renewed for a fourth season. The news wasn’t as bright for The Mob Doctor and Partners, which both brought in some abysmal ratings last night. But we’re going to take a break from all that and focus on the future, as plenty of casting scoop was also revealed during this brutally hot Hollywood Tuesday. Let’s goon, shall well?

Patton gets Justified: Ratatouille is coming to Harlan! Patton Oswalt will recur in Justified‘s fourth season as Bob Sweeney, a former high school football superstar who now spends his days as a constable, watching over Arlo Givens. Call us biased, but this one sounds like a match made in hick heaven. [TVLine]

Richard Alpert is a Psycho: A&E’s upcoming Psycho prequel Bates Motel has officially nabbed Lost‘s ageless wonder, Nestor Carbonell, and Pan Am survivor Mike Vogel — both in starring roles. Carbonell will play Sheriff Royce Romero, with Vogel as his Deputy, Zach Shelby. The words “sinister” and “sociopath” pop up in their character descriptions, so we can’t help but wonder who the heck we’re going to root for on this show. [Deadline]

Another Bluth Reunion: NBC’s Up All Night has not made a huge mistake — instead, they’ve nabbed Arrested Development‘s (and Veep‘s) Tony Hale for a guest spot. Hale will appear alongside his past and present TV brother Will Arnett as Dr. Welborn, Reagan’s flirty dentist. Arnett’s Chris won’t be happy with Welborn’s workplace code of ethics, but hey — at least he never went after Marta. []

South Park Mocks Honey Boo Boo: It was only a matter of time. South Park, a show that has always been known for A — riffing on pop culture, and B — producing episodes last minute, will take on current pop culture topic du jour, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The episode, titled “Raising the Bar,” will air Wednesday night on Comedy Central. [EW]

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