TV Tidbits: ‘The Mindy Project’ Gets More, ‘The Office’ Boss Starts a New Show



There are plenty of tidbits floating out in the TV-centric interwebs today, but rather than teasing you with these tantalizing tales, we suggest you simply read on…

Magnificent Mindy: FOX announced earlier this month that The Mindy Project has been picked up for a full season, but now the network is adding sprinkles to that delicious news. Mindy Kaling’s half-hour comedy will feature two new additional episodes in their line-up, bumping their season from 22 to 24. (Pshh! And they say journalists can’t do math!) [TVLine]

Darryl Gets a New Job: With The Office coming to a close; it’s time for the Dunder Mifflin employees to start planning their next move—and it looks like Craig Robinson will be packing up his life in Scranton and heading to a new show. The Office developer/executive producer Greg Daniels has asked Robinson to start in a new NBC upcoming comedy. The untitled project will star the former warehouse manager as a rough edged musician who is adjusting to life as a new music teacher in a big-city middle school. Sounds a bit like School of Rock but hey it could be fun![Deadline]

ABC Shows Faith In their Dramas: The Alphabet network has ordered two new scripts for both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue. Although this is not the ideal situation for the freshman dramas (come on back-9!) it does mean that ABC is not quite ready to pull the plug. I personally don’t want to go back to a world where Scott Speedman and Robert Buckley are not on my TV screen each week. I just can’t do it. [TVLine]

Pimp My Ride RV: So apparently the cool new thing for has-been musicians is to become interior designers. The Poison frontman/Rock of Love Bachelor/Celebrity Apprentice Winner Bret Michaels is taking a life lesson from Vanilla Ice. Michaels has a new Travel Channel show in the works called Rock My RV. The musician will surprise a lucky few by upgrading their recreational vehicles into “the most outrageous, badass, hooked-up mobile mansions on the road,“ the networks boasts. The show will begin shooting next month and fans can expect to see the combination of Pimp My Ride and The Vanilla Ice Project in 2013. []

Calling all Copper fans: BBC America has ordered a second season of its first original scripted series. The beefed up new season will feature 13 episodes and is slated to air in 2013. Copper is the highest-rated drama series the British Broadcast Compnay has ever had so it’s no surprise that the network has said “Cheerio!” to more episodes. [The Hollywood Reporter]

MTV’s Bringing Back the Babies: Fans of teenage pregnancy rejoice! MTV has renewed the baby-mama drama sequel Teen Mom 2 for a third season. That’s right, Chelsea, Jennelle, Kailyn, Leah and all of their little accidents bundles of joy are returning November 12. [E! Online]

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