‘Twilight Zone’ Star Back from the Dead for 3-D Show

Late The Twilight Zone host Rod Serling is being brought back from beyond the grave to introduce an upcoming 3-D episode of Patricia Arquette‘s hit supernatural drama Medium.

Serling will be “reanimated” by Medium producers in an altered film clip taken from the beloved science-fiction program he hosted in the 1960s.

Medium executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron says, “He basically explains to people about the 3-D glasses, when to put them on, and reassures people who don’t have them that they’ll still be able to enjoy the episode.”

Magazine TV Guide is giving away the 3-D glasses this week in time for the special episode which airs on Monday night.

Serling‘s estate and his wife, Carol, gave Caron permission to use and tamper with the playwright and producer’s image for the show. Serling died in 1975.

Meanwhile, Caron hopes the 3-D Medium episode is a huge success—because he wants to make more.

He says, “Just wait for the hologram episode!”

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