‘Two and a Half Men’ Will Premiere With Charlie Harper’s Funeral

Two and a Half MenWe thought it was just a venting of hostility. We figured, “They’re not actually going to go through with something that dark.” But Chuck Lorre is actually opening this season of Two and a Half Men with a funeral for Charlie Harper.

His cause of death is still a secret, although we can bet it won’t be handled with much reverence. In fact, one wonders if the show will even depict Alan and Jake as sad over the loss of their brother/uncle, or if authenticity will be sacrificed for hilarity in Charlie Sheen-directed jabs.

Reportedly, a slew of ex-girlfriends will visit the funeral, likely armed with scorn and sarcasm to be shared with the (potentially) grieving Harpers. So funeral aside, one can’t really expect this to be anything out of Two and a Half Men’s ordinary routine.

The episode will proceed with the much talked-about introduction of Ashton Kutcher (perhaps in more ways than one) following a sea of celebrities interested in purchasing Charlie’s lavish home.

This is a dark turn for the sitcom, sure. And furthermore, it’s probably one that’ll incur some sort of reaction from Sheen…because, really, what doesn’t?

Source: AV Club