Who Would Win if ‘Under The Dome’ Became ‘The Hunger Games’?

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Stuck in one location, unable to escape, with dwindling resources and murdering psychopaths. This description doesn’t just fit the hit summer CBS drama Under the Dome, it also applies to The Hunger Games, the big budget hit film franchise starring Jennifer Lawrence. This got us thinking about what would happen to the residents of Chester’s Mill if they ended up in the brutal, kill-or-be-killed games.

There’s no way Norrie would last more than a second in the games. She’s spent most of her time in Chester’s Mill having seizures, throwing snow globes, running away, and sulking. Teenage angst doesn’t really get you far in The Hunger Games.

Julia would definitely be one of the first ones killed. She’s always following her reporter instincts into danger, like running out in the middle of a dangerous pandemic to find out information about her missing husband.

Angie is definitely scrappy, as shown during her stay in Junior-imposed captivity, so we know she has a real will to survive. However I’m not sure that would be enough to save her from some of the town’s more unsavory elements.

Barbie killed Julia’s husband, he’s tough, not afraid to stand up to authority, and something of a wildcard. Unfortunately he’s also got a savior complex, meaning he would probably end up getting killed trying to help someone else.

Junior is wildly homicidal, a good attribute to get you through The Hunger Games. Unfortunately he is also wildly unstable, a bad trait likely to get him killed while stalking Angie in the bushes, picking her a bouquet of flowers.

Under The Dome, Dean Norris as James “Big Jim” RennieBrownie Harris/CBS

Big Jim
Could there really be another winner to the Chester’s Mill Hunger Games than Big Jim Rennie? He’s clever, he’s underhanded, and he can manipulate others to work for him. Plus he’s shown on several occasions now that he’s not afraid of a little murder if it means getting what he wants.

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