‘United States Of Tara’ Recap: Chicken ‘n’ Corn

S03E0: Well, that answers that for United States of Tara. And what’s “that?” For starters, we finally figure out who this new alter is and we learn what he wants. Who the alter is turns out to not be that big a surprise; it’s Bryce! But what he wants? That’s a shocker.

You don’t want to spoil your dinner though, do you? We’ll start with the less interesting stuff.

“Fuck your movie. Fuck this fucking plane.” – Max

He’s going to kill Tara.

Oh snap! Now this basically confirms my suspicion. Bryce is definitely the personification of DID and how it is basically killing Tara. Hattaras, too his scientific curiosity credit and to his personal ethical idiocy credit, remains calm and keeps talking to him. He of course wants to find out more about this new alter and what it is doing to Tara but its obviously dangerous.

BOOM. Just like that we’re off into the crazy stuff. From here on out things are going to get crazy and dark. I mean, they’ve already killed off one alter. No one is safe. DUN DUN DUNNNN.