‘United States of Tara’ Recap: Dr. Hatteras’ Miracle Elixir

I tend to view a good season of a television as its own three act story. Granted each individual episode has their own three act structure but they drive toward a greater story throughout the season. As we enter the midway point for the season of United States if Tara, things are beginning to take shape for a second act.

The first few episodes set everything up. We got to know generally what each character will be going through during the season: Tara and her class, Max’s new business, Char’s baby, etc. Now that we’re on the fifth episode of the season we finally get to see them all bask in their stories. And since this show is considered a comedy they’re generally enjoying themselves. But we know how dark and twisted this show can be so I have feeling this is only the calm before the storm.

‘I want to do a paper on this. On you.’ – Dr. Hattaras

Meanwhile the other story lines of the week were just about as normal as they could be. Max is going through some shit working for The Man now. Unless he goes on a shooting rampage through the office, I doubt anything that happens there will be of surprise/major consequence. Kate started her flight attendants training program that resembled more basic training than learning how to push a cart up and down an aisle. It was funny, but it’s never that entertaining watching someone learn something. I see more potential for this story than with Max’s so hopefully it’ll develop into something greater.

As for Marshall, somehow he stepped out of his Gay Cocoon and just started making out with other dudes when Lionel leaves in a bitch fit. I was really surprised to see him be that aggressive but I guess after Lionel pushing him to explore last week, it makes sense. While it was nice to see him step out of his shell like that, if I wanted to watch gay teen relationship drama I’d watch Glee. It’s ten times better than Glee, don’t get me wrong, I just find myself hoping that his stuff will get done with sooner so we can get to something more interesting. I really like Marshall the character, I don’t want him to become some stereotype.

So it wasn’t the most interesting episode of the season, but it is nice to see these characters we know and love actually enjoy their lives for a bit. I’m sure something terrible is about to happen (I kept waiting on it to end on something big) but for the time being let’s just enjoy the quiet before the storm. After all, next week’s episode is titled ‘The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions.’