‘United States of Tara’ Recap: The Full Fuck You Finger

S03E03: Now THIS is how you end an episode! Holy shit that was an incredible ending for United States of Tara. You can’t get better than that. It’s so fun to experience an episode like that. Everything was going decently up until that point (and we’ll talk about the ending later but I didn’t want to spoil anything right off the bat) but that last image hit and it was like a punch to the gut. It really reminded me why this show is great and why television is amazing to begin with anyways.

“Roughly translated I will email you from Osaka!” -Kate

But then we have the big news of the episode: Char had a baby! Sure, she had it in the grocery story parking lot while T crashed a car, but still, a baby! Yay! Up until that part (which may be one of my favorite moments of television ever), Char had been going through quite a lot. Interestingly, she didn’t seem to mind Alice when she showed up to help with the baby shower but when Char was at her lowest, it was Tara that came to the rescue. The scene at the grocery store was one of the most well-written bits and if you’re looking for an mature female monologue I suggest you look no further. Usually, Char has some of the weaker stories (except when she’s showing off her bad boob job) but this week provided a really strong arch for her.

While there wasn’t that much going on for moving Tara forward (Eddie Izzard was nowhere to be seen) we did get a little insight into her. Alice said something interesting again about how the alters are now seemingly working with Tara to help her, but this is only when Tara is in a normal state. When she was tired, Buck came roaring out to go look for Bryce (and when he found a black guy? Hilarious!). When she downed a Red Bull, T came running out. What are the alters doing? These are some interesting developments that I’m sure the writers are going to explore further, and if it’s anything like a baby plopping out in the middle of parking lot, oh hell yeah.