‘United States Of Tara’ Recap: …youwillnotwin…

Missed the first episode? Watch it here!

S3S1: The first season of United States of Tara drew me into this crazy world of the Gregsons’ and held me there because it didn’t go anywhere. It was simply satisfied to sit by and try and figure out who Tara is/was/will be. But then season two happened and something went astray. The plot became jumpy, bouncing back and forth with little care for the consequences. I wasn’t about to give it up, but it didn’t grab me the way the first one did. However, three looks to jump back and become a stronger season. There are some incredible visuals, sharp dialogue, and Eddie Izzard makes for a very fine guest star. While I am less interested in the cause of Tara’s condition (for instance, what does she expect to happen when she figures it out? That she’ll be better instantly? All it will do is help her recover herself and then we’ll be back with the self reflection or as I like to call it, the good stuff), it does play a critical part in the good stuff.

Basically, if you even remotely dug the first two seasons, the third one continues in fine form.

“I’m sick of being the least interesting person inside of me” -Tara

As for the rest of the family, Marshall is dealing with his new boyfriend Lionel. Blah, blah, blah, this is all set up for stuff that happens later so not much to recap. Kate tries to find a job elsewhere but is haunted by her internet past. Those darn internets, always keeping kids from getting jobs. Max was kind of left out of this episode, but fear not.

One last thing — the opening credit sequence is gone. Thoughts? I was always a fan of it, but after re-watching all of season two in a few days, I got kind of tired of it. Honestly, one morning I woke up singing the last line over and over and it’s not that fun. It’s one of the more beautiful credit sequences, but removing it frees up a whole minute of other fun stuff we can get into. Alas, we have a catch-22.