Update: CBS Adds Patrick Wilson Medical Drama

patrick wilsonUpdate: CBS just added a supernatural medical drama to their slate. I bet you didn’t think that was a thing. A Gifted Man stars Patrick Wilson as “an ultra competitive surgeon” who learns a little more about life when his ex-wife, Anna, dies and begins teaching him a thing or two from the afterlife. Spooky. I’m a little worried that this will drift into Ghost Whisperer territory, but if we’re lucky it will take a cue from shows that took a little more a grounded approach to something that’s just a little supernatural.

Earlier: CBS continues its slow-moving pickups with three more shows. The 2-2 (formerly Rookies), Unforgettable (which used to be not-at-all stupidly titled The Rememberer) and How to Be a Gentlemen will all get a shot as series on the Eye network.

To refresh your memory, The 2-2 is a series from producer Robert De Niro under his Tribeca banner with Leelee Sobieski as one of its stars. Sobieski is one of six New York cops who struggle to deal with their own lives and the action they find on their beats. Jeff Mangold directs this pilot which may prove to be a little more than just some cop show.

Unforgettable is about, shocker, another NYPD cop. They do know there are other cities with cops, right? Anyway, her deal is that she’s got an incredible memory. Here’s a hint CBS, changing the terrible name doesn’t help the fact that your protagonist’s spidey sense is just a little boring.

Finally, How to Be a Gentleman is a potential palate cleanser for those of us who aren’t fans of typical CBS fare like The Big Bang Theory or Two and a Half Men. From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s David Hornsby (or Cricket) comes this series starring Entourage’s Kevin Dillon as Bert, the author of column about well, how to be a gentleman. Something tells me that with these two leading this show, it will be anything but gentlemanly.

Source: EW, Deadline