UPDATE: ‘Glee’ Shooting a Whitney Houston Episode

Glee Season 3 Regionals RachelUPDATE: E! Online is reporting that there will indeed be a Whitney Houston-tribute episode.

And this will apparently not be any ordinary tribute episode — or at least not like last month’s Whitney-centric episode: This one will feature eight of her songs and is said to be more of a “character piece.”

ORIGINALLY: They’ve done Madonna, Michael and, Gaga; is Glee tackling Whitney next?

When news of Whitney Houston’s passing first spread, there must have been a bit of a panic over at Fox’s hit series Glee. Just days after the tragic event, the series aired a lead character, Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing Houston’s most recognizable hit, “I Will Always Love You.” The uncanny timing was coincidental and didn’t allow the series to prep a proper tribute, so the episode simply concluded with a placard that read, “We will always love you.” But that’s not the way Glee does it. They deliver grandiose, episode-consuming tributes, so where’s Whitney’s? 

Well, it may be on its way. On March 8, Lea Michele tweeted from the Glee set hinting at an upcoming tribute:
She doesn’t say who this singer is or what song she’s working on, but who else could it be? Now that the writers have had time to sit back and create a plan, how could they do a tribute to any other artist before first giving the late great Houston her due praise?
Michele also tweeted that she’s working on one of “her favorite songs” with co-stars Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, and Riley. If it is in fact a Whitney tune, which song do you think they’re working on?

Source: Lea Michele Twitter