UPDATE: HBO Greenlights Aaron Sorkin Pilot

Aaron SorkinUpdate: We knew it was only a matter of time before HBO gave the go-ahead for the drama about a cable news show from producers Scott Rudin and Aaron Sorkin. With news that Sorkin shadowed Chris Matthews and the recently ousted news commentator Keith Olbermann in order to pen his pilot, we knew the momentum from The Social Network would create a perfect storm of demand for the show. The green light has been lit and the project will begin filming later this year.

Earlier: Aaron Sorkin, high off his seemingly endless acclaim and success thanks to his work on The Social Network, hasn’t had much time for other projects in the last few months, but he’s managed to have a few talks with HBO about bringing his next brainchild to fruition. Sorkin’s top-notch workplace dramas and dramedies, Sports Night, The West Wing, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip all offered behind-the-scenes views on the things we all watch day in and day out, television, sports and politics. Now Sorkin looks to continue that trend with a show about the inner workings of a nightly cable news show.

Sorkin hasn’t yet inked a deal with the premium channel, but let’s be honest here; he wrote one the screenplay for one of the most talked about films this year. Who wouldn’t hedge their bets on Sorkin at this point? According to Deadline, the project is “on track” to become a pilot for HBO. This could be good news for another Sorkin show; his last endeavor, Studio 60, was well-written (obviously) but didn’t have the manpower behind it or the following it deserved, but with HBO pulling the strings, his latest television project may fare better this time.

Source: Deadline