UPDATE: J.J. Abrams Casts Taraji P. Henson & James Caviezel In ‘Person Of Interest’

Taraji HensonUPDATE: Turns out we actually do know who will be playing what thanks to a late addition to the cast! James Caviezel has joined the cast, according to Hollywood Reporter, and he’ll play the ex-CIA operative who goes undercover in NYC. Turns out he is undercover because people think he is dead. Which also means that Michael Emerson will be the eccentric billionaire. Hmmm, Michael Emerson playing a crazy billionaire? Did he just become Charles Widmore? Mind = blown!

Earlier: This news gets my seal of approval. J.J. Abrams has cast Oscar nominated actress Taraji Henson to star in Person of Interest for CBS. She was nominated for her turn in Benjamin Button but now joins former Lost-ie Michael Emerson in Abram’s pilot. As far as the show goes, it centers on an ex-CIA agent who’s recruited by an eccentric billionaire to fight crime in NYC. Henson’s Carter is neither the ex-CIA agent nor the eccentric billionaire, so we’re going to assume she’ll be assisting one of them. Or both. Abrams has been known to get crazy like that.

Source: Vulture