UPDATE: J.J. Abrams Off To Prison With ‘Alcatraz’

JJ AbramsUPDATE: Per Deadline, Fox has picked up the pilot for production so it looks like we’ll all be getting visiting hours. No more details about the plot or casting, but as production gets under way we’ll keep you posted.

EARLIER: You would think we would be used to this by now. J.J. Abrams announces something secret and it sounds awesome. Same old, same old. Abram’s next big mystery show is Alcatraz which just had a pilot ordered by Fox.

Now that Lost and Star Trek are over (or at least the sequel hasn’t started filming yet), Abrams is giving those involved with Lost the Abrams bump with their next project. Alcatraz’s head writer is former Lostie Elizabeth Sarnoff, who will executive produce with Abrams.

Of course, the details of the project are being kept a big secret because that’s just how Abrams likes it. I would hate to try and guess this guy’s PIN number (it’s probably not even a number, more like something abstract like ‘courage’). Anyway, the only thing we know about the project isn’t very helpful. “A show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz.” Thanks J.J.! Loads of help!

Sarnoff wrote some great episodes for Lost and also wrote for Deadwood, another fantastically written show. Grounding the show in a prison (a setting mysterious enough) will help the show not get carried away with itself, something Lost had trouble with late in its run (it’s a cork! Yeah, that’s what it is!). Alacatraz’s remoteness will keep it from being too procedural, perhaps it’ll be like adding some wizardy to Oz? Either way, I’ll probably be in for 3-5.

Maybe the show will get bumped to a good time slot for good behavior. Ugh, these prison puns are too much. Hopefully I can be granted parole to check it out. Ok, have to stop. I bet it’ll be arresting television. Ouch, that one even hurt to type.

Source: Hollywood Reporter