UPDATE: Judy Greer and Courtney Thorne-Smith Return to ‘Two and a Half Men’

Courtney Thorne-SmithUPDATE: Chuck Lorre is doing everything he can to fill the void of the absent Charlie Harper on the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men. New characters are being brought in (Ashton Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt and Judy Greer’s Bridget), and old characters are being revisited, such as Courtney Thorne-Smith’s Lyndsey, ex-girlfriend to Alan (Jon Cryer).

Lyndsey was introduced as the perfect woman, who preferred Alan to Charlie. However, Alan’s insecurities got the better of him. His insistance that no woman like her could prefer him to his historically more romantically successful brother fueled a distrust that eventually drove Lyndsey away. However, she is now returning to the series. Although there is no word on what the extent of her Season 9 role will be, we can probably rest assured that, even with the absence of Charlie, Alan will somehow sabotage his relationship with his ideal woman.

EARLIER: Anyone who really loves television will know the name Judy Greer. She’s been seen in Miss Guided, Arrested Development, Mad Love, heard in Archer and Glenn Martin, DDS, and has had guest roles in shows including Californication, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Two and a Half Men. And now, she’ll be joining Two and a Half Men…again…as a different character.

The much-anticipated Ashton Kutcher character, Walden Schmidt, on the upcoming season of the sitcom is advertized as a broken-hearted internet billionaire. But up until now, we have yet to hear anything about the individual who broke his heart. Greer will assume the role of Schmidt’s ex-wife, Bridget. When she leaves him, Walden aims to purchase a new home: particularly, one formerly owned and occupied by Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) and his family. Walden, who’s torrentially lonely, will insist that Alan (Jon Cryer) and Jake (Angus T. Jones) remain residents in the house with him. Bonds are formed, a comic dynamic is established, ratings remain respectable.

Bridget will be a recurring character, probably with a relationship to Schmidt not unlike the one we saw between Alan and his ex-wife early on in the series.

Greer’s former character on Two and a Half Men was Myra, sister-in-law to Alan’s ex-wife Judith and girlfriend to Charlie. She was only on for two episodes, so it seems as though producers are hoping no confusion is inspired by the actress’ return. People will probably be more focused on the whole dead brother/new star thing anyway.

Source: TVLine, EW