UPDATE: Salt Lake City To See ‘The Playboy Club’ After All

playboy clubUpdate: It turns out the good people of Salt Lake City will be able to watch The Playboy Club after all. Because, you know, it’s good for people to be able to make decisions for themselves and all that fun stuff about personal liberties. MyNetworkTV bravely decided to air the NBC show on their local station KMYU in its scheduled Monday time slot. One of their reasons for picking up the show is because they view the show as a crime-drama (it’s not. At all.) and because I can’t possibly hope to top this joke from the AV Club, here it is: “…they’re picking it up for the articles.” Enjoy The Playboy Club, Salt Lake City.

Earlier: Warming Glow said it best: “Good work, KSL. Everyone knows that the best way to champion values is with censorship.” You see, the local NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City refuses to air the new looks-really-good dramatic series The Playboy Club. Their reasoning is that the show is in conjunction with the Playboy brand and since everyone knows what the Playboy brand stands for (boobs), they do not want to be associated with it since it goes against their views. And you can trace the ownership of KSL all the way back to the Mormon Church.

All this over a show that the stars are even calling “not at all racy.” The series, slated for next fall on NBC, features Amber Heard and Eddie Cibrian and takes place in the 1960s. It follows a few wealthy members of Chicago’s famous Playboy Club as they interact (and we’re assuming get into trouble) with the ladies running around the club in those well-known bunny outfits.

Look, KSL, I get it. You don’t want to air stuff that your viewers may find objectionable. But when Utah is the leading state most likely to look up porn online, well, your bluff’s been called.

Source: AOL TV