Update: Santana Gets a Girlfriend on ‘Glee’

Santana GleeUpdate: Bieste isn’t the only gleek with romance in her future. According to E Online, Santana will finally find herself in a happy relationship…with a girl…named…

…Brittany! That’s right. Santana will finally get her happy ending — well, sort of. Drama is sure to ensure and television relationships are always rocky, but hey, they’ll be happy for a little while at least. Sources say this is sure to happen by episode four — that’s next week, kiddos!

Earlier: The third season of Glee appears to be bent on addressing a consistent fundamental issue that people (fans and characters alike) have taken with the show: the lack of focus on many of the New Directions students. While the show is all about togetherness, being part of a group, and accepting everyone as special… we really get only about eight minutes a week that aren’t devoted to Rachel, Kurt and Finn. This is no Humsonberry bashing: I’m a fan of all three. But we all know there are new talents and stories to be seen in characters like Mercedes. And nobody is more aware of this than Mercedes.

Those who saw last night’s episode, “Asian F,” are aware of the new developments for Mercedes’ character (if you haven’t, I recommend avoiding the spoilers ahead): Mercedes quit the New Directions and joined McKinley High’s rival glee club, headed by the drama-infused Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), who is, you’ll recall, Rachel’s birth-mom (and the puppet master behind Rachel’s not-what-it-seemed love affair with Jesse), the adoptive mother of Quinn’s and Puck’s child (whom Quinn is intending on getting back), and a former romantic fling to the now-committed Mr. Schue. This woman just brings all sorts of chaos with her.

Mercedes’ portrayer Amber Riley recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly, giving a few spoilers about where the new season will be taking her character. First off, much like many of the students in New Directions, Mercedes Jones is confirmed as a senior and she will be graduating at the end of the season. But onto more pressing matters: Mercedes won’t be the only one signing up for Shelby’s glee club. Another member of the New Directions will also be quitting and joining forces with the Shelby, Mercedes, and, of course, Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies). But who will it be?

Who has a motive to quit New Directions? The group is certainly not without its tensions. There have been rivalries, jealousies, betrayals, lies, love heptagons…it could be almost anyone. Perhaps Quinn, in a “keep your enemies closer” attempt to win back her child? Oh, Quinn. You poor, disheveled basket case.

But this isn’t the only news in the Glee future. It turns out that the show is going to see a new love affair start up, but not for any of those sex-crazed teenage singers—for Coach Bieste (Dot-Marie Jones). The series cast Eric Bruskotter (Six Feet Under, Starship Troopers, Major League II) as Johnny, a football recruiter who scouts McKinley students — probably those with names like ‘Finn’ and ‘Puck’. We’ve seen Bieste wrestle with lonileness, and I think everyone is rooting for her to find happiness (except maybe Sue). So, this is a winning development for the show.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Source: EW, TVLine, E! via Teen.com