The Opposite of Amahzing News: USA Passes on ‘Happy Endings’


What is the matter with the world? First ABC banished Happy Endings, their most cutting-edge comedy, to Friday nights. Then the network canceled our beloved fast-talking sixsome. And then, just when we thought we had a glimmer of hope, we found out that USA Network is not going to save Happy Endings from its premature cancellation.

We were sure that Happy Endings could have been a perfect fit amongst the quirky characters on USA (“Characters Welcome”), but, unfortunately, our dreams have been dashed and the deal is a no-go. A source confirms to E! Online that although Sony TV studios was actively perusing the move, USA opted to pass on Happy Endings for budgetary reasons.

But we haven’t lost all hope! Sony TV is now looking to follow in Arrested Development’s footsteps and pitch this perfection of pop culture to non-network mediums such as Netflix and Amazon. Fingers crossed!

When asked about a possible network swap, Happy Endings creator David Caspe previously told, “You know, that’s all sort of stuff that’s out of my paygrade. I want to keep making the show so we’ve just got to keep focused on it and keep making it and let the chips fall where they will.”

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