USA’s ‘SUITS’ Renewed for Second Season

Gabriel MachtSUITS. It’s a power-word. You say it, people listen. And apparently, people watch. Because SUITS is being renewed for a second season on USA.

The premise of SUITS (I will never stop capitalizing) is as such: Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has Good Will Hunting syndrome, without the excuse of being an impoverished orphan. He’s a college dropout whose genius is rivaled by his good-hearted rambunctiousness. He finds himself in the office of Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), the prodigious, cynical mogul of his field. Specter takes a liking to Ross’ unorthodox style and innate intellect, and hires the diploma-less ne’er-do-well to work at the firm.

The second season will consist of 16 new hour-long episodes.