‘Vampire Diaries’ Big Twist: Cast Tells All (Spoilers!)

matt davisWhile most Vampire Diaries addicts were floored by the shocking twist of the March 15 episode, the cast and crew shed a little light on the jarring reveal. At The Vampire Diaries‘ PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles last week, attendees were treated to an early glimpse of the series-changing reveal and gained firsthand insight from the show’s producer, Julie Plec. Warning: don’t ready any further if you have not yet seen the episode. Massive spoiler ahead!

Understandably, the crowd was shocked to discover good guy Alaric (Matt Davis) is the person responsible for the string of murders in Mystic Falls. Not to mention the fact that it’s all in thanks to his magical, self-healing ring. But according to Plec, the shocking reveals have only just begun. Deep breaths, people.

“It definitely has implications for Jeremy and for Elena,” Plec said. “[Elena realizes] not only that the ring may not be completely trusted to bring them back to life, but it might actually contribute in allowing a darker element of that person to take hold.” And since TVD fans are well aware of just how many times both Alaric and Jeremy have used the rings over the past three seasons, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Jeremy will suffer some consequences as well. This means a Jeremy cameo could be in store!

And being the guilt-ridden mortal that she is, Elena is sure to blame herself for this unfortunate side effect. “In the second episode, he tried to refuse that ring and Elena asked him to take it back and be part of her family and now there’s a consequence for that,” said Plec. “Alaric is a character who is very near and dear to all of us, and Matt Davis as an actor is very near and dear to us…Getting to explore a darker side is both exciting for a character [is] exciting for an actor. And we wanted to showcase that.”

As for what’s yet to come, Davis teased that “the next few episodes are going to be shocking.” But as far as revealing whether or not Alaric can be cured or saved, Plec would only state: “I hope so.” And so do we!

Find out what lies ahead for poor Alaric on Thursday, March 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

Source: EW