‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Leads New Dick Wolf Drama

Taylor Kinney from Vampire Diaries Mason LockwoodVampire Diaries fans, you can breathe now. The former TVD star headed to NBC to star in Law & Order creator Dick Wolf’s new drama, Chicago Fire, is not a Salvatore brother, a Bennett witch, or any of the Original vampires. They’re all snuggly as a vampire in a coffin on the CW series, however, ghost and former werewolf Mason Lockwood has found himself a brand new bag. Actor Taylor Kinney (Lockwood) who’s likely even more famous now for his romantic relationship with Lady Gaga, is headed to the small screen once more as the lead in the new pilot.

According to Deadline, Kinney’s role is that of an “adrenaline-junkie.” As Squad Lieutenant Kelly Severiede, Kinney will lead an elite team of firefighters sent in for the most dangerous and risky rescues and fires. He joins Lights Out’s Eamonn Walker in the series’ main cast.

With a team like Wolf and Kinney’s piercingly blue eyes, NBC just might be onto something. Either that, or we’re looking at Third Watch 2.0 and a Kinney vs. Eddie Cibrian edition of “B**ch Stole My Look.”