‘Veronica Mars’ at Comic-Con: All You Need to Know

Veronica Mars is coming to San Diego Comic-Con for Kickstarter Benefactors

Look out, San Diego! Everyone’s favorite sleuth is coming to town. Kristen Bell and creator Rob Thomas of Veronica Mars will be making an appearance at Comic-Con this July in order to drop hints about the upcoming movie version of the detective show, and thank the fans who’ve contributed mightily on Kickstarter to get the project funded.

Thomas isn’t saying exactly what he’ll be showing or who else from the cast will be in attendance — the Veronica Mars Comic-Con presence may mostly involve an autograph signing at the Warner Bros. tent — but he is offering two different Comic-Con packages on the Veronica Mars movie’s Kickstarter page. Unfortunately, as of 3:00 p.m. ET on April 11, the day the packages were first available to purchase, both have already sold out. One was an “SDCC Fan Package” for $150, which would reserve the backer a seat at whatever fan event they end up holding. The other was a $450 “SDCC VIP Package,” that would include both priority seating and access to talent from the show in a meet and greet.

In addition to the events at Comic-Con proper, Rob Thomas will be hosting a private event on July 19 at San Diego’s Gaslamp District that may include a Q&A and a screening of footage from the movie.

If the Kickstarter adds more Comic-Con packages, will you buy one? And, if not, will you spend the long wait in line to attend the Veronica Mars events first-come, first-serve?

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