Video: Courtney Goes Commando in Panama on ‘The Bachelor’

Courtney topless The BachelorIf you’ve seen more than 15 seconds of this season of The Bachelor, you know that leading contestant Courtney Robertson is nothing short of nutty. And it seems that her controvercial ways aren’t stopping any time soon. Next week, the girls go to Panama with Bachelor Ben and Courtney apparently sees no reason to wear the appropriate clothing for the trip.

She already skinny dipped with Ben on last week’s episode – and broke Bachelor rules to do so – and in this clip from Us Weekly, we see that she’s continuing her unclothed pattern. In Panama, the girls all don some traditional Panamanian duds, which can be a little revealing. Because they’re ladies (most of them anyway), they wear bikinis under the skimpy native garb, but not Courtney. It seems she just loves being in her birthday suit – or as close to it as she can get.

The full episode airs on ABC Monday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. How long do you think they can keep this charade going? Obviously she’s not going to end up with Ben, right? (My money’s on Kacie B.) And don’t forget to come back here on Feb. 7 for our recap of all the down and dirty drama.

Source: Us Weekly