Video: Jean Dujardin Helps Zooey Deschanel Parody ‘The Artist’ on ‘SNL’

What more popular than making fun of Zooey Deschanel’s “adorkable” New Girl persona? Why, parodies of The Artist, of course! This weekend saw Deschanel hosting Saturday Night Live, where she made fun of her own overt quirkiness and took over Emma Stone’s spot on the apparently recurring sketch “Technology Hump,” but the most memorable sketch included an appearance from the man of the hour, The Artist star Jean Dujardin. And what better place to use the French actor than in the series recurring French television parody, “Les Jeunes de Paris.” Dujardin shows up to dance with Deschanel and SNL player Taran Killam and boom: the world goes black and white and silent. 

Sure, the parody is a little derivative, but damnit if that Dujardin isn’t just the most charming guy out there.