Video: ‘South Park’ Takes A Crack At Sandusky, Penn State Scandal

South Park Penn StateNo one crosses boundary lines quite like Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Last night’s episode of South Park saw Kenny and his siblings turned over to child protective services and when they arrive their case worker seems to have a case of late-night-talk-show-host-itis. The tubby Child Services administrator is more concerned with his comedy career than helping the kids, and apparently his comedy career involves only jokes about things like Neverland Ranch and more timely scandals like the Jerry Sandusky issue at Penn State. (Though if you saw Jon Stewart’s rant the other night, these little jokes are just chump change.)

Alright, Parker and Stone, we expect this sort of line-crossing from you two and since you produce your episodes so quickly we knew some sort of commentary on Penn State was coming, but did these jokes have to be delivered with paintings of terrifying clowns in the background too?

Source: South Park Studios

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