‘Vikings’ Season Finale Exclusive: Clive Standen Talks Crossroads, Consequences, and Hopes For Season 2

Clive Standen

This Sunday, the maiden voyage of History Channel’s hit drama Vikings will come to a close — but before our characters can sail into a hiatus, they will have to face the rough waters of the Season 1 finale. To help prepare you for the journey ahead, Hollywood.com chatted with Clive Standen and he teased that this Sunday’s finale is packed with new problems and massive consequences.

Throughout the season, fans have watched as the two brothers have been fighting for power and control and now their conflicts are going to lead them to make some extremely difficult decisions in Sunday’s finale. “There are some massive choices that my brother and I — Rollo and Ragnar — have to make.” Standen tells Hollywood.com “They are at a crossroads whether they chose to stay together or go their separate ways; they’ll deal with the massive consequences.”

Standen says the he is excited for audiences to finally learn more about Rollo’s motives in the series. The actor explains, “Is he a Neanderthal? Is he actually quite Machiavellian? Is he the good guy? A lot of people have been saying that Rollo has done some questionable things and he’s lurking on being a traitor to Ragnar, but all I can say is as an actor you have to love the character you’re playing.”

The Vikings star continues, “Rollo has had a chance to take everything that Ragnar has got: his boat, his title, his work with Haraldson, to have Haraldson’s daughter and have that legacy — but he turned it all down to be loyal to his brother in the courtroom. He has done so much for Ragnar and the question that I want to ask everybody is what has Ragnar done for Rollo?”

Fans have been treated to some intensely brutal fights this season, so we made sure to ask the Vikings star if the finale will feature another heart-pounding battle. Standen reveals, “I think it’s more of a battle of wits, morale, and loyalty — there are a lot of massive decisions. There’s a lot of rapport and word play and lots of people going behind each others’ backs and lots of people manipulating people.”

Standen teases that all of these verbal backstabbing’s will eventually lead to a massive action-packed fight — but it wont be in the finale. “They’re setting it up for maybe a gigantic battle in series 2. There’s a little bit of a cliffhanger. And speaking of Season 2, Standen says that the creative forces behind Vikings are already hard at work on the sophomore season. “[Series Creator] Michael [Hirst] is working on the script and he is a genius. He tells you the information when you need it, he doesn’t want actors getting ahead of themselves — he’s a very good showrunner,” he says.

So what exactly does Standen know about the upcoming season? “There’s some crazy stuff that seems to be on the horizon and I’m really excited.” He continues, “Just having these little morsels of information just gets me so excited and I can’t wait to get back to Dublin and get to cracking on some skulls.” Standen says that the entire cast was thrilled when they learned Vikings was renewed for another year and they are eager to create ten phenomenal new episodes. “We’re all on the same page and we’re all so confident now that we’ve got a Season 2. I’m just really excited to let lose on this Rollo-coaster if you will,” The actor adds with a laugh.

Don’t miss the Season 1 finale of Vikings this Sunday at 10 PM on History.

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