Why Vince Vaughn Starring in ‘True Detective’ Isn’t as Terrible as It Sounds

Vince Vaughn, ThumbsuckerSony Pictures via Everett Collection

Vince Vaughn is known for crashing a couple of weddings in his day, but he’s certainly not known for his dramatic acting chops, which is why it is surprising to learn that the actor is being considered for a role on the second season of True Detective, per Variety. The world of prestige cable drama might seem completely wrong for Vaughn, but the actor does have some a few bright spots of dramatic work in his career. I know, I know, he was in The Internship, but if you look past the dreck, there are times where Vince Vaughn really impressed us.

There was a time where a young Vince Vaughn was the hot new commodity in Hollywood. Swingers kicked both Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn’s careers into the stratosphere, thanks to a sharply written script and a brilliant turn as Trent Walker, who is as smarmy as he is charming. A hard balance to find, but one Vaughn nails. It’s so money.

Into The Wild
Into the Wild is mostly a showpiece for Emile Hirsch’s talents, but Vaughn delivers a great performance in only a few minutes of screen time as Wayne. In one of the best scenes of the movie, Vaughn and Emile’s characters drunkenly lament the horrors of society.

Favreau’s follow up to Swingers didn’t enjoy the critical success of the previous film, but Vaughn was charming as ever as Ricky Slade. In this film, we get glimpses of Vaughn showcasing his talents for drama and comedy.

Gus Van Sant’s gonzo idea of making a shot-for-shot remake of the most celebrated horror film of all time didn’t win any favors with critics back in 1998, but the film isn’t completely without merit. Vaugn made for a creepy contemporary version of Norman Bates. Does it lay a finger on the original performance by Anthony Perkins? Eh, probably not, but what could?