Viral Internet Stars Take The Wheel In Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad — VIDEO 

ALTAt this rate, we’ll see all of the Super Bowl commercials before the actual Super Bowl. At least, all of the ones for cars. Just a few days after Mercedes-Benz teased their Super Bowl ad featuring Kate Upton doing what she does best (sending men into hysteria by just existing), Volkswagen decided to get in the pre-game action, too. Only, this is a different kind of action entirely. No slow-motion shots of sexy super models washing cars to be found here — no, Volkswagen gave the spotlight to a different breed of Internet stars.

The commercial, which runs a little over a minute-and-a-half, features some of the web’s most memorable — and memorably angry — viral sensations like YouTube frequenter Boogie, the cat-loving eHarmony girl, and the base-throwing Minor League manager. They’re all joined by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, who urges them to, well, you know, “C’mon, Get Happy.” The only thing is, it’s hard to get happy when the spot is not nearly as charming as Volkswagen’s winning Little Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial, and that most of these “stars” ticked you off the first time around. Not to mention that fact that there are some obvious omissions. I mean, were “Leave Britney Alone” Guy, Bug in the Mouth Reporter Guy, and Bill O’Reilly really that busy? Watch it here and let the sun shine in:

[Photo credit: Volkswagen]