Walk The Blue Carpet of ‘The Tick’ Premiere


‘The Tick’ is a comic book hero who in the 90s had a hit cartoon series, and now thanks to Amazon Prime he’s getting a live action series again.

The Tick isn’t your normal superhero, he’s a spoof/parody of them. ‘The Tick’ is really the story of Arthur Everest (Newman). Arthur is an accountant who lives in a world of superheroes. He’s tired of his boring life so he seeks to be the sidekick of a superhero. The only problem is he’s not super, he has no powers at all. So he needs to team up with a superhero, and what better one than the Tick (Peter Serafinowicz). He has the strength of ten, perhaps twenty men, can’t be injured, and “drama power”.

If the entire idea seems ridiculous it’s supposed to. In the above interview, walk the blue carpet and hear Peter Serafinowicz tell us more about the Tick, creator Ben Edlund talks about why they wanted to do the Tick and why Amazon was the right way to do it, Yara Martinez says why the series will make people feel hopeful, Valorie Curry explains why the Tick is the best kind of superhero, and Griffin Newman explains Arthur a little bit more as well as why they work so well together.


‘The Tick’ is an Amazon Prime Member exclusive that can be streamed August 25, 2017.