‘Walking Dead’ Comic-Con Poster Elects New Characters


If you’ve come this far, it can only be assumed that you’re part of the pro-Walking Dead camp. Those who think Season 2 exhibited terrific growth, an outstanding depiction of human desperation and some delightfully absurd Philadelphia accents are more than likely geared up for the upcoming season, which is set to bring on some of the most highly anticipated characters from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series: notably, Michonne and the Governor.

This new poster from the AMC program’s Comic Con panel gives fans a look at Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) newest encounters, including the troubled yet invariably badass machete-wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira) and a malevolent survivalist called the Governor (David Morrissey). Both characters are fan favorites in the comic series and have been eagerly awaited by readers who watch The Walking Dead.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead won’t make its way to AMC until late October… so, time-killing rewatches of Seasons 1 and 2 are most certainly in order.

The Walking Dead

[Photo Credit: AMC]


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