‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Kills Show’s Ratings Records

Walking DeadThe Walking Dead Season 2 finale broke ratings records for the AMC series. After a season-long buildup of tension, the final three episodes marked some very eventful catastrophe for Rick Grimes, his family, and his group of survivors. The finale earned 9 million viewers total, with 6 million in the 18-49 demographic and a 5.8 household rating. This makes it the highest rated episode of The Walking Dead to date. 

The second season of the introspective zombie program had been markedly more popular than the first. On average, Season 2 took in ratings over 30 percent higher than those of Season 1. The Season 2 finale earned ratings 50 percent higher in the 18-49 demographic than its first season counterpart. Incidentally, the Season 1 finale is also publicly considered one of the series’ shakier episodes, whereas the Season 2 finale “Beside the Dying Fire” has been met with positive criticism across the Internet spectrum (thanks to a major, and previously unknown casting reveal).

Considering the ratings intake of the finale, there is bound to be a lot of talk about what might happen on The Walking Dead‘s third season. Click here to learn a few spoilers in store for next season.

Source: TVLine