‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 First Look: Zombies, Samurai Swords and the Prison

Walking DeadThe Walking Dead has been off the air for a full two months, and AMC clearly feels our pain (and fear of imminent summertime TV), because it has already unveiled a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at season 3 … which won’t premiere until late October!

Granted, there isn’t a ton to go on in the new video (read: no actual season 3 footage), but we do learn — courtesy of lead actor Andrew Lincoln, who reminds us that he is British, not Kentuckian — that there will be “samurai-wielding characters” and the remaining group’s “journey into the unknown,” aka the prison seen from afar at the end of last season. He sums up the forthcoming season — and sets up an obvious “that’s what she said” — thusly: “darker, harder, faster, deeper.”

Aside from out-of-character bits from cast regulars like Lincoln, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan (with some slight British accentry of her own!), and more, the clip confirms that veteran director Ernest Dickerson, who helmed the season 2 finale, will do the same for season 3’s premiere. Check out the video below!

[Image: AMC]


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