‘Walking Dead’ Showrunner: ‘Bloodshed’ Aplenty in Finale

The Walking Dead Season 2 Rick GunAfter the shocking deaths during The Walking Dead’s last two episodes, the biggest question on fans’ minds is: where could the series possibly go from here?

Luckily, showrunner Glen Mazzara hopped on a call with reporters to shed a little light on the direction of the finale and where that may lead in Season 3. According to Mazzara, things are about to kick into major high gear. Be warned that this discussion included some major spoilers
It’s All About Rick
Now that two huge characters have passed, the controversies and relationships that hinged on their beliefs and actions are left in question. And while he didn’t comment on how the writers will deal with those two gaping holes, he did share the series’ direction moving forward. “I’m interested in focusing on Rick,” said Mazzara. “All [these deaths] led to a very decisive act where Rick kills Shane. People talk about Shane being killed off, well Rick killed Shane, he’s evolving in a very real way.”
The Finale: Blood, Answers and More Blood
Fans of The Walking Dead’s bloody side will be happy to know that in reference to the March 18 finale, Mazzara assures us, “More bloodshed is coming.” The showrunner expressed his pride in the upcoming episode and noted that the excitement will be at a serious high. “We’re on a killing spree here,” he said.

And of course, with Shane’s demise and immediate resurrection as a walker without any bites to signal the transformation, a big question for fans is how that regeneration is even possible. Mazzara noted that the finale will, in fact, shed some light on the medical mystery. Of course, details aside, the most important factor is that the finale will leave us on the edge of our seats, and Mazzara is confident that will be the case: “Fans will be saying, ‘I can wait for October.'”

Farewell Shane, You Had It Coming

While Shane’s death was certainly a shock for viewers, fans of the comic source material know that for the character to have survived this long was a gift of sorts – he’s killed off right away in the books. Mazzara explained that getting to this heartwrenching moment in which Rick finally makes the decision to end the life of his best friend has been on their minds since the series inception: “It was always the plan for Shane to die.” And that assertion makes sense when we look back at the season as whole; from his split second decision to leave Otis behind, to his insistence that he belongs in the patriarchal role beside Lori and Carl, to his distrust of Rick’s decisions, Shane has been on a path to surefire destruction since day one. 
On Straying from the Comics and Making Gore Mean Something
Mazzara fielded many questions about diverting from the comic books’ stories and his answer was enough to silence any critic: he insisted that the show is its own entity but at the end of the day, the goal to maintain “the spirit of the comic book.” He added, “We take [the comic book] for inspiration, but we have to put our own twist on it.” To that point, he offered that they’re working to get closer to the comic’s “visceral” nature in Season 3. 
We Can’t Wait Until October: What About Season 3?
The pacing of Season 2 has been a point of contention for many fans who tune in expecting nonstop danger and action. While critically, this season was received well, the fans who are desirous of something more are an undeniable voice. To that point, Mazzara offered a giant promise: “The pacing of Season Three will feel like a freight train.” He couldn’t divulge or hint at who was safe and who was doomed in Sunday’s finale, but he assured us that whatever the result will be something no fan can resist.

The Walking Dead’s finale episode of Season 2 airs Sunday, March 18 at 8 p.m. on AMC. And for a run-down on last weeks episode, be sure to check out our recap