‘Walking Dead’ Winter Premiere Art Is Bloody Eye-Opening — POSTER

Walking Dead Season 3 midseason poster

Don’t let the wordplay fool you, when The Walking Dead returns on Feb. 10, there will be blood.

The key art for the second half of Season 3 was released online today, showing the Governor (down one eye since the events of Dec. 2’s “Made to Suffer”) lurking ominously behind our tarnished hero Rick. It’s clear that the battle started during the midseason finale is what will guide us into the second half of the season, but could this poster foreshadow a showdown between the conflicted leaders? Plus, how will this all shake out for Andrea, who is caught between a rock and her lover? And perhaps most importantly, how is Daryl going to get out of the Governor’s clutches now that the grumbling leader (literally) has blood in eyes?

We’ll find out on Feb. 10, but until then, this one-eyed image of the Governor will haunt us in our sleep. Thanks so much, AMC. You’re providing our sleeping pills until then, right?

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[Photo Credit: AMC]


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