Watch Eli Manning’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo: ‘He’s Like a Tree!’

No, Lil’ Manning, don’t do it! We urged you not to do what so many athletes hosting Saturday Night Live have done before you and put on a dress for a sketch. (It’s hilarious because he’s a really built guy, you see? And he’s wearing a dress…. like a lady would!)

While one can never underestimate the power of Team Kristen Wiig (not to mention the drag-happy Team Fred Armisen) here’s to hoping two-time Super Bowl champ and first-time SNL host Eli Manning goes back to Team Jason Sudeikis. Or, at the very least, Team Kenan Thompson to engage in some more witty banter like they have in his SNL promo. (“You don’t know anything about football, do you?” “I would like to.”)

Watch the clip below as the New York Giants QB plays up his aw-shucks charms and shows off his famous football and – who knew?! – singing skills:

Eli Manning hosts SNL this Saturday, May 5 at 11:30 PM ET, with musical guest Rihanna. Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments section below and….go long!


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