Watch James Franco Return to ‘General Hospital,’ Talk to Toy Monkeys

We told you this was happening. Then we told you it wasn’t happening. Then we came back with photo evidence that it was, in fact, happening. And now, it’s happened.

James Franco made his triumphant return to General Hospital yesterday and what do we have here? Oh, a clip of crazed artist Franco surrounded by his favorite whole grain cereal, stunned manaquins and a toy monkey with cymbals who he seems more inclinded to converse with than he did with Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Franco is back to destroy Jason and Sam’s wedding, and knowing soap operas as we do, these nuptials and their imminent demise is sure to take weeks. Get ready to tell your boss you’ve got the bird flu or broken phalanges or something so you can be home in time to see this gem of a performance every day for the next week or so.