Watch: Jim Carrey’s Promos for ‘SNL’

Here’s our first look at what we can expect from Jim Carrey’s hosting gig on SNL this weekend. If it’s anything like these clips, we can gear up for some classic Carrey; that means some of those rubbery facial contortions, spastic physical comedy, and a little of that Ace Ventura-style humor. I’m all for his growth as an actor and I’m excited to him take on new roles like he has for I Love You Phillip Morris, but I’ve got to say, there’s nothing quite like a little classic Jim Carrey. After all, SNL is a sketch show and he started out on another comedy sketch show, In Living Color (Fire Marshall Bill, anyone?). It makes a whole lot of sense for him to return to his roots (“…using a mixture of sound, movement, and funny faces to beguile the audience”), don’t you think?