Watch: Jimmy Fallon Does a Dead-on Charlie Sheen Impression

Look who’s WINNING now. In his many years on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon’s best impression was his cartoonish Barry Gibbs rendition alongside Justin Timberlake, and even then he couldn’t keep a straight face to save his life. (I’m doing something called breaking BREAKING! Snort, heehee, giggle giggle!) Now, in the wake of all this Charlie Sheen media madness, he reveals something that proves he’s clearly been holding out on us: a spot-on Charlie Sheen impression. It’s more convincing that Fallon has tiger’s blood in his veins than it is that Sheen is recovered addict with no mental problems. The one good thing about all this Sheen craziness is the comedic byproduct and this is one of the good ones.