Watch Jonah Hill Get Worked Up Over His Hilarious Feud with ‘Glee’s’ Matthew Morrison

Jonah HillWe’re always hearing about celebrities hanging out together and starting romantic relationships; they seem like a pretty friendly community. So it’s rare, but occasionally wonderful, when we come across a celebrity feud. Especially one brimming with as much hilarious hostility as the one between Jonah Hill and Glee star Matthew Morrison.

Hill recently joined the Fox network as the creator and star of the new animated series Allen Gregory. Since he’s new to the network, he was hoping to fit in and make a lot of new friends. This didn’t start out so well. First, he had an awkward encounter involving Randy Jackson and Michael Clarke Duncan. But then, things got much, much worse, when he encountered his new arch enemy: Morrison.

Watch both videos of Jonah’s interview on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and see the comic actor explain the dawn and evolution of his feud with the Glee star. He gets a little bit worked up over the issue — and it’s pretty darn funny.