Watch: Sneak Peek at Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘Man Vs. Wild’ Stunts

I never thought I’d say this, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s got more guts than I give him credit for. Sure, he’s played tough characters in films like Jarhead and Prince of Persia, but those are just films. There’s plenty of movie magic at play to keep him nice and safe, but when it comes to traipsing around in nature, things are little less predictable. As we reported earlier, Gyllenhaal is guest-starring — or should we say guest daredeviling — on the season premiere of Man Vs. Wild on July 11. Discovery was kind enough to release a few clips of the “toughest actor in Hollywood” (though I’m not sure I’ve heard that term used for him before) trying his best to keep up with world-renowned survival guide and potentially mentally-unstable person, Bear Grylls, as they traverse the Icelandic wilderness. Sure, you can clearly see some safety measures in a few of these shots (harness and safety tether, we see you!), but it’s still some pretty impressive stuff from someone we primarily know as just a fit and handsome actor.